1910-1911 Yearbook


          Performance at the
       Canton Woman's Club
             Sept 5, 1935


Making Music for Life!

How we began:

In 1908, ten young Canton women formed a club dedicated to the study and appreciation of classical music and named it for Edward Alexander MacDowell, distinguished American composer, who had died that year.

Well established by 1918, The MacDowell Club then elected its first officers, created an Executive Board, and admitted its first Associate Members.


Charter members:

Mrs. John C. Birdsall, Mrs. Charles Austin Crane, Mrs. Walter H. Deuble, Mrs. Ira Everhard, Mrs. Irma Steele Hedges, Mrs. Charles D. Rowlen, Mrs. C. E. Schilling, Mrs. Grace Carnahan Thompson, Mrs. Percy Van Horn, Mrs. Anna Silk Yost